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Call us now: (205)800-7093

Call us now: (205)800-7093


Custom Automotive Work

We specialize in aftermarket work with a personal touch. Our technicians are experienced in all aspects of custom work, and our sales people will lead you in the right direction.

Customization for Marine

From Wake Boats, to Bay Boats, to Bass Boats. We can handle any lighting, electrical, or high end audio needs you have. We have specialist on hand to get you what you need, installed the way it should be.

Engine Performance

We offer a wide range of engine performance services such as: Nitrous, Forced Induction, Bolt On mods, Tuning, Top End work, and More!
(Disclaimer: most of these mods are intended for use in off-road and/or track vehicles only.)

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Car Audio

Everything from basic audio installations to competition level SQ, SPL, and SQL systems. We offer custom fabrication services and can handle custom speaker enclosures, sound deadening, wiring, and tuning services.

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We have suspension experts to handle everything from: Lift kits, Lowering kits, Air ride, Hydraulic, and Magnetic Suspension systems.

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Custom Interior & Exterior

Minor Work on Custom Interior & Exterior such as lighting, consoles, rear decks, and some headliners.